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Life as a busy parent can feel overwhelming. Between running kids to school and soothing colds throughout the night, it can be hard to focus on yourself and find your inner power to move forward. A few years ago, I started feeling beaten-down and depressed. To work out my problems, I decided to try counseling. I was absolutely amazed with the difference it made in my life. After I had the opportunity to talk with someone, I learned ways to cope with my daily routine. The goal of my website is to help other people to understand that there is a great life out there, and that counseling can help you to find your way.


What Can Parents Expect To Find At A Teen Substance Abuse Clinic?

Teen substance abuse is a serious problem. Drugs and alcohol can be highly addictive, especially to developing young people. Substance abuse clinics can provide the resources and expertise that teens need to recover from drug addictions. These are four things parents and teens can find in the treatment offered by a teen substance abuse clinic:

1. Medical And Practical Supervision

All minors require adult supervision, especially teens who are prone to drug and alcohol use. Teens who check into a substance abuse clinic will be monitored constantly. This close supervision will ensure that teens follow all clinic rules. Medical supervision will be provided as necessary. Teens undergoing withdrawals during the detox period will be attended to by medical staff who can ensure their safety.

2. Family Mediation

The teen years are often a challenging time for parent-child relationships. Teenagers are naturally rebellious, but a rebellious attitude can be exacerbated by substance abuse. It's common for teens and parents to fight more often when drugs are involved. If your relationship with your child seems strained beyond repair, a teen substance abuse clinic can provide assistance. Substance abuse clinics understand how important parents are to teens' well-being. Parents will be included in the treatment process in order to provide support and stability. A counselor can mediate family therapy sessions to ensure progress is made.

3. Therapy

Adolescents who abuse drugs and alcohol will need to undergo counseling. Counseling can help doctors and parents understand the reason that teens use drugs, which can facilitate better treatment. Therapy can also benefit teenagers themselves. It will force teenagers to confront the reasons they use drugs, which can vary from person to person. Some people use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate negative feelings, while others use them to feel included in their peer groups. The therapy offered at a substance abuse clinic will encourage teenagers to find personal reasons to engage in drug cessation efforts, which can lead to better outcomes.

4. Methadone

Methadone is a medication that can help teenagers who are addicted to opiates, like prescription painkillers and heroin. Methadone curbs a person's cravings for drugs, which can help a person stop using opiates and prevent relapses. Methadone is typically used to treat adults, but some teens may be eligible for methadone treatment if their parents consent to it. Teens must reside in states where methadone treatment is legal.

To learn more about potential treatments, talk to medical professionals in your area.