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Should You Host A Drug Intervention Yourself?

Many people know someone with a drug addiction, and many families have a loved one struggling with addiction. In either case, you might decide to host an intervention to confront the person about their addiction. You can hire experts to assist with an intervention or host one yourself, but should you do it on your own? Here is some information to help you decide how to handle this situation.

Understand what a drug intervention is

A drug intervention is a planned meeting with the addict. It might include the addict's family members and close friends, but it can also include professional addiction counselors. You must plan the date and time for the meeting and find a way to get the addict there. During the meeting, you confront your loved one about their addiction. You can tell them how you feel about it and how it's harming them. The purpose is to convince them to get help.

Learn the critical components of an intervention

A successful drug intervention ends with the addict agreeing to go to a rehab center, but this isn't always the result. To improve your odds of success, you should ensure that you include the critical components of an intervention.

The first component is heartfelt testimony from loved ones. Each person should prepare a short statement to read to the addict about how they feel. Secondly, the intervention should include the effects of the addiction. This can include effects on the addict and their family.

Finally, it should include a call to action, including an ultimatum. You must give the addict a choice, which is typically between seeking help or moving out. You must make it clear that you will no longer enable the addict and their addiction.

Evaluate how experts can help

As you consider hosting this meeting, you might discuss the event with experts. Having an addiction counselor at the meeting can be beneficial for the outcome. Addiction counselors know how to talk to addicts, and they know the best strategies to use to convince an addict to seek help. Therefore, you might want to hire someone to assist.

Talk to a drug addiction treatment facility to learn more

If you're ready to learn more about hosting a drug intervention, you might want to contact a drug addiction treatment facility. They can answer your questions and assist with the intervention. Contact one in your area to learn more.